VICT - Vidya District Center (VDC)

Vidya District Centers (VDC) is conceptualized based on the objective of spreading the importance of education to our community and society all over Kerala, especially amongst financially and educationally backward sections, and to assist them in achieving their educational and career goals.

In a broader vision, multiple VDC(s) will be setup in all the districts of Kerala with main office of each located in the district headquarters.

Core Activities

  • Educational and Career Counselling
    • Activities to benefit high school students (10th grade and above)
    • Provide academic counselling to help students decide the higher education path. e.g Engineering, Medical, Business, etc...
    • Provide supplementary academic coaching to students to enable them score high marks or ranks in the school/board/entrance examinations
    • Identify poor but bright students and provide financial aid to avail of the coaching facilities.
    • Provide career guidance to students and young adults to help them choose the best career paths.
    • Provide career preparatory skills such as interview and group discussion skills, job search and resume skills etc.
  • Educational and Quality Improvement
    • Activities to benefit all school children from primary to high school
    • Provide personality development training to students.
    • Provide teaching improvement skills to teachers.
    • Provide learning improvement skills to students
    • Provide supplementary academic courses and extracurricular activities such as yoga, meditation, etc..
  • Educational awareness and promotions
    • Activities to benefit all adults, including parents.
    • Spread the importance of education and create an awareness of career-oriented higher education
    • Educate on the facilities offered by VDC and other similar institutions
    • Provide adult education courses to less-educated.
    • Provide technical assistance to people engaged in traditional industries (such as coir, cashew, weaving, etc...) so that they can improve their quality and quantity of work.