VICT Structure Overview

Office Bearers

Office Bearers - Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Joint Secretary, and Treasurer - are members from Executive Committee(EC) elected by EC Members to assume the positions of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Joint Secretary, and Treasurer of VICT Trust for a given tenure.

Executive Committee (EC)

Executive Committee (EC) is an elected body of 11 persons from the Board of Trustees for a term of three years to carry out the functions as stipulated in the rules and regulations of VICT Trust.

Central Coordination Committee (CCC)

Central Coordination Committee (CCC) is constituted from among the Board of Trustees for the smooth and easy functioning and administration of the Trust. The main objective of this body is to ensure proportional representation of Trustees in Trust's functioning.


Subcommittees are formed by Executive Committee by engaging trustees to coordinate and oversee various initiatives of EC. Subcommittees will enable EC to utilize the experience and knowledge of trustees to streamline and further strengthen the functioning of Vidya. They will be reporting directly to the EC and term of the committee is same as EC term – Three years.

Board of Trustees (BOT)

Board of Trustees (BOT) is the body consisting of all Author Trustees, members of the trust who joined VICT abiding the nomination and membership rules of the Trust.

Author Trustee (AT)

Author Trustees are the 11 parties who authored and signed VICT trust deed.


Members of VICT who contributed to the trust under membership categories - Patron, Beneficiary, Hereditary, and Life - abiding the membership rules and regulations of the trust.