In the year 1999 a group of philanthropic Keralites living in the United Arab Emirates met together with the initial intention of interacting and knowing each other better. After a few gatherings, everyone felt that they should do something tangible to help their home state, Kerala. After all, they are what they are now because of the love and support given by the society back in Kerala. Therefore, they should give back something without expecting anything in return.

After review and discussion of many ideas, one was selected "provide state-of-the-art higher education and training to our younger generation" that will enable them to get good jobs, and thus elevate their status in the society.

This noble vision, combined with determination, paved the way to register a Trust in December 2000 known as 'Vidya International Charitable Trust’. Like-minded, Non Resident Keralites from all over the world joined hands and contributed generously for the great cause. Today, Vidya's membership stands at over 1000 people.

Trust is registered with main objectives of promoting education among the public in general and the backward classes in particular